About Griffin Grips

We are a family run business that was raised on two basic principles. Be Yourself! and Stock Sucks! True to form is why we have always strived to set ourselves apart from the rest of the flock and customize almost anything we can put our hands on in order to show our style to the world. That is why we always aim to make something different for our customers that can help them standout from everyone else with their own style, because we all know the number one rule is looking cool!

While we love to customize anything, we really love firearms, or pretty much anything that's loud and goes fast for that matter. As collections started to form, we started to notice that our safes started to look too much like an armory with very subtle differences in the racks. That is where the Griffin Grip was born. Our goal is to create a budget friendly addition to your firearm that will help protect your investment, while also allowing you to create and showcase your style to whomever may see it. 

We also recognize that your style will change as time goes on. That is the beauty of our products is that they are nonpermanent and removable so whenever you decide to sell, trade, or even just want something different, you can easily get back to that factory finish that so many are looking for. 

Although our products are chock full of style and customization, they also will genuinely help you shoot better which is the ultimate goal after all! Every shooter will tell you that without the consistent proper grip or cheek weld that you will never have a consistent shot. Our products help you index your finger or cheek placement to help keep every shot in line and on time.

"Look Good, Feel Good, Shoot Good"

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